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Bench And Arrest Warrants

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If a New Jersey court has issued an arrest warrant or bench warrant in your name, you can be arrested without even being notified of the warrant. If you have reason to believe that you may be subject to a warrant, you should consult an experienced attorney immediately.

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Be Careful When Facing Potential Arrest

There are several kinds of warrants that a judge can decide to issue against you. An arrest warrant gives the police the authority to arrest you based on evidence that could lead to criminal charges. A bench warrant is an order for your arrest to appear in court regarding a situation such as the following:

Arrest and Bench Warrants
Failure to appear in court on the day scheduled
Failure to show that you paid a fine
Failure to show that you performed community service
Failure to appear on an open case
Failure to appear for a sentencing hearing

If you are subject to an outstanding bench or arrest warrant, you have a legal obligation to appear in court. It may be possible for your lawyer to arrange for you to appear voluntarily without being arrested. If you simply appear in court without first consulting a New Jersey criminal attorney, you may be arrested and taken into custody the moment you walk into court.

Do Not Speak To Police Or Anyone Else

If you are arrested on an arrest or bench warrant, you are under no obligation to make any statements to the police, the prosecutors, the judge or anyone else, and you should not do so. Even if you believe you can provide information that will be helpful to you, you should consult an attorney first.

Anything you say to the police or any other authorities can be used against you in court and could lead to imprisonment and other penalties.

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