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If you are trying to get a family member or friend out of jail, your first thought may be to contact a bail bond agent. Depending on the details of the situation and the flexibility of the court, however, there may be a better option.

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Understanding Your Options

Bail bond agents (bail bondsmen) generally charge fees of between 7 percent and 10 percent of the bail amount. Even if the accused appears in court, you will never get that fee back. If he or she does not appear in court, the bail bond agent can hire a bounty hunter and pursue the full bail amount through a lawsuit or lien.

Consider the following alternatives:

  • Cash bond: An individual can deposit the full bail amount with the court, and it will be returned if the accused person appears in court as scheduled.
  • Ten percent cash bond: In some cases, an individual may deposit only 10 percent of the full amount with the court. Once the case is completed, the deposit is returned. If the accused does not appear, the court can seek the full amount from the person who paid the deposit.
  • Property bond: The bail can be guaranteed with property, such as real estate. If the accused does not appear and the guarantor does not pay the full bail amount, the court has the right to foreclose on the property.
  • Release on own recognizance (ROR): The court may release the accused without anyone posting a cash or property bond. If the accused fails to appear at any future court date, he or she is subject to immediate arrest.

Your individual circumstances will determine which option is right for you. For more information on bail in New Jersey, visit bail conditions and restrictions.

Seeking Lower Bail

It may be possible to get the bail amount lowered, depending on the nature of the crime and the criminal record of the defendant. Bail bond agents are not lawyers and have no motivation to argue for a lower bail amount, since their fee is based on a percentage of the total bail.

If you need assistance pursuing a lower bail amount, I have the experience and knowledge of the system needed to provide effective help.

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