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Drug Charges

Is your drug charge Brimage-eligible?

New Jersey’s increasingly tough stance on drug crimes is a major concern for anyone arrested on a drug-related charge. But if your alleged offense is Brimage-eligible, a conviction could take away your plea options. What are the Brimage Guidelines? In 1998, the Garden...

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The medical and legal risks of “study drugs”

As college students get into the rhythm of a new school year, many begin to feel the stress of meeting the demands of a collegiate education. Tests, papers, group projects and extracurricular activities build up to a high-intensity workload. Rutgers students are back...

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What to know about the drug policy at Rutgers

As a college student who smokes marijuana on campus, you put yourself at risk of disciplinary action. Many students may not realize that they don’t have to be the one smoking for the Rutgers University Police to get involved. If caught with rolling papers, you could...

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