Facing Criminal Charges?

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The Legal Process In A New Jersey Criminal Case

If you’ve been charged with a major offense like aggravated assault, fraud, child abuse or any other crime under New Jersey law, you need an experienced defense lawyer who is familiar with the complicated procedures of New Jersey’s county criminal courts.

I am Anthony N. Palumbo, a partner at The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo and a criminal law attorney with more than 35 years of experience. When you need an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule a free initial consultation.

Skilled Representation At Each Stage Of The Criminal Legal Process

A criminal case will generally go through several stages. You have a right to bring in a criminal defense attorney to represent you at any stage, and it is not a good idea to try to represent yourself.

  • Investigation: If the police suspect you of a crime, they may conduct an investigation. You should not talk to the police at any point without an attorney’s advice.
  • Arrest: If they believe they have probable cause, they can search and arrest you. The arrest and booking process for criminal offenses includes getting searched and providing a mug shot, fingerprints and other information.
  • Bail: For some crimes, bail will be set right away, while for others, you must first attend a bail hearing. If your family member is currently in jail and hasn’t had a bail hearing, I can serve as the criminal defense lawyer at that hearing.
  • Trial: After these initial stages, each side will prepare their case. As your criminal defense lawyer, I will review the evidence that the prosecutors have collected, assemble evidence in your favor, and discuss criminal defense strategies with you.

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Understanding New Jersey Criminal Law
In New Jersey, certain offenses — such as traffic offenses — are called municipal offenses and dealt with completely in municipal courts.

The criminal courts at the county courthouse, on the other hand, handle criminal cases, which involve more serious consequences. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, some proceedings may take place in municipal court, but it is ultimately the criminal court that will be in charge of your case.

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Depending on the details of your case, we will pursue dismissal, reduction of charges, a plea bargain, or go to trial to seek an acquittal. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your specific circumstances and what to expect.