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Gunnison Beach Public Lewdness Defense Attorney

Located within Sandy Hook State Park, Gunnison Beach is the only nude, or “clothing optional” beach in New Jersey. Tourists swarm here in large numbers every summer to partake in nude sunbathing, swimming and other beach-related activities. Each year, numerous individuals are charged with public lewdness while on or near the beach.

If you have been charged with public lewdness on Gunnison Beach, contact me, defense lawyer Anthony N. Palumbo. I have handled hundreds of public lewdness cases, with almost all resulting in lesser or dismissed charges. You can learn what I can do for you by scheduling a free initial consultation.

Helping You Defeat Lewdness Charges

Public lewdness involves an individual exposing his or her genitalia for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of the actor or of any other person. It is a sex crime, and a conviction of such a crime can lead to consequences far beyond a criminal record. Acts or instances that may lead to these lewd conduct charges at Sandy Hook State Park include:

  • Indecent exposure walking on or off the beach
  • Public masturbation
  • Public urination
  • Sexual activity on the beach

There are several defense strategies available to defend against these lewd conduct and indecent exposure accusations. Perhaps your case was one of mistaken identity. Maybe what the police determined to be lewd behavior was actually something much more benign. Or perhaps you were in a private location and had no reasonable expectation that another party would be able to see you. Whether or not a particular defense will work for you depends on the details of your case.

As your dedicated attorney, I will work hard to gather evidence and other materials to support your defense against sex in public charges and other lewdness and indecent exposure accusations. I will review the Sandy Hook State Park lewd conduct charges against you and the police officer’s actions to determine if any procedural steps were missed.

Is Car Sex Legal at Gunnison Beach?

While there is no law that specifically restricts sex in a vehicle, you may still face sex in public charges if you are parked within public view. Many people assume their vehicles are private locations, but law enforcement or another beachgoer may see you inside your vehicle, which can lead to serious criminal charges if you are not careful.

I will use my past experience as a prosecutor to identify the best approach for your sex in public defense and to negotiate, when possible, with the prosecution. You can rest assured that I will have your rights and your future in mind at all times, so whatever result we achieve will be in your best interests.

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