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Accumulating Too Many Points On Your Driving Record Can Be Costly

When you are found guilty of a traffic violation in New Jersey, points get added to your driving record depending on the severity of the violation.

Points on your record can cause your insurance rates to spike. Gaining 6 or more points in a period of three years can result in additional surcharges and fines, while gaining 12 or more points will result in the suspension of your license.

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How Are Points Calculated In New Jersey?

Traffic violations are each assigned a point value based on the severity of the offense. For example, light speeding (1-15 MPH over the speed limit) results in 2 points on your record, while tailgating or reckless driving can add 5 points. Leaving the scene of an accident where a personal injury occurred could add as many as 8 points to your record.

A New Jersey driver can check how many points are on their license by visiting the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s website and purchasing a copy of their driving record.

What Are Surcharges In New Jersey?

New Jersey is the only state in the country that requires the Motor Vehicle Commission to administer surcharges to drivers who have certain offenses on their record. These surcharges are in addition to any fines and penalties you may have already received from a violation.

A DUI/DWI conviction involving either drugs or alcohol will almost always result in three years of surcharges. You can be facing a surcharge even if the violation occurred in another state.

Surcharges are also issued when you have accumulated more than 6 points on your license within the past three years. Point-based surcharges will continue as long as you have enough points on your license, and their amount will increase the more points you have accumulated. All surcharges are billed annually, and you must pay them even if you move out of state.

Removing Points From Your Driving Record

The good news for New Jersey drivers is that once you have accumulated points, there are several ways to remove them from your license.

  • Go a full year without any violations or suspensions of any kind, which removes 3 points
  • Participate in the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s defensive driving program, which removes 2 points
  • Be ordered by the MVC to take the Driver Improvement Program (DIP) or the Probationary Driver Program (PDP), which removes 3 points

Of course, the best way to avoid points and surcharges is to practice safe driving and be proactive in maintaining a clean driving record.

Whenever you are issued a traffic ticket, you should always fight it. Any admission of guilt will result in points added to your license. This could have serious consequences now, and even more serious penalties in the future if you ever receive another traffic violation. Learn more about your options during a free consultation – call 908-272-9700 today or reach out online to get started.