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Out-of-State DUI / DWI Refusal Charge

New Jersey Out of State DUI DWI

An out-of-state DUI/DWI or refusal conviction occurs when a driver with a New Jersey license is convicted of an out-of-state DUI/DWI charge, or refusal to submit to a breathalyzer charge. In this situation, the driver is not exempt from New Jersey law simply because the conviction took place out-of-state, and generally New Jersey DUI/DWI laws still apply. I am experienced in resolving DUI/DWI charges that involve out-of-state convictions, and I will apply the most aggressive defense strategy to fight the charges against you. If you have questions about an out-of-state conviction, do not hesitate to contact me for answers call 908-272-9700 .

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New Jersey DMV Notification

When a driver with a New Jersey license receives a DUI/DWI conviction in another state, notice of the conviction is sent to the New Jersey DMV. Subsequently, the driver is suspended of his New Jersey driving privileges. This is called an administrative suspension.

New Jersey Penalties Apply

The length of the suspension will be based on the facts of the out-of-state conviction as analyzed under New Jersey Law. Thus, factors such as whether this is the driver’s first, second, or subsequent DUI/DWI offense will be considered in determining the penalties and length of suspension. Note that a previous out-of-state DUI/DWI conviction will be considered a first offense. Additionally, the out-of-state Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”) must be at a level criminalized in New Jersey in order for the conviction to apply. DMV Surcharges also apply to out-of-state convictions in New Jersey, and can amount to $1,000 per year for a period of 3 years.

New Jersey DUI / DWI Attorney

An out-of-state charge can be defended against much the same way as an in-state charge so it is equally important to have an experienced New Jersey DUI/DWI defense lawyer by your side. If you have been charged with a DUI/DWI out-of-state, my goal will be to achieve the best possible outcome for you. I will be able to provide you with an honest assessment of the penalties you are facing and the probable outcome of your case. Call 908-272-9700 to contact Anthony N. Palumbo today for a free initial consultation by phone or in person.