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How Can I Get My Driver’s License Back After A DUI/DWI Conviction

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Being convicted for driving under the influence is an extremely serious offense in New Jersey, and the penalties can include fines, community service, jail time, and DWI/DUI license suspensions/revocations. Without a license, everyday activities like going to school, driving to and from work, running errands and visiting friends can become extremely difficult.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI in New Jersey, the most important thing you can do to protect your driving privileges is to consult with an experienced New Jersey DUI/DWI Attorney at Anthony N. Palumbo. Your attorney will be able to assess the charges that you’re facing and give you advice about the best legal strategies for getting your charges dismissed or reduced. And if you’ve finished the term of your license suspension, a drunk driving defense lawyer will also be able to help you get your driving privileges back.

This page provides a general overview of what you’ll need to do to get your license back if you’ve been found guilty of driving under the influence in New Jersey. To get more information and speak with an experienced New Jersey driving under the influence lawyer, contact me, Anthony N. Palumbo, New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney, for a free and confidential consultation through the email form on my website or at 908-272-9700 . Whether your license was suspended as a result of your first or subsequent DUI/DWI offense or because of a refusal charge, I can help make sure that you get the shortest license suspension possible.

1. Understanding DUI/DWI License Suspensions

If you’re convicted for driving under the influence, there’s a mandatory license suspension of at least 3 months, but your license can be suspended for much longer depending on various factors and sentence enhancements such as your Blood Alcohol Concentration at the time you were arrested and whether your offense took place within a school zone. The license suspension penalties are also significantly increased if you have prior convictions for driving while intoxicated: for a first time DUI/DWI offense, the suspension period is usually 3 to 12 months, but it can be increased up to 2 years for a second time DUI/DWI offense and up to 10 years for third time DUI/DWI offenses. You can get an additional 7 to 12 month license suspension for refusing to take a breath test, but this may be concurrent with any suspension issued for related DWI charges.

2. Comply With The Requirements Of Your DUI/DWI Sentence

In addition to fines and driver’s license suspensions, if you’re convicted for driving under the influence you’ll be required to complete at least 12 hours at an alcohol education and evaluation program. If you don’t complete the program or if you fail to pay the required fees, the court can extend your license suspension until you’ve fulfilled those obligations. Similarly, if you’ve been ordered to install an ignition interlock device in your car as part of the sentence for your DUI/DWI and you fail to do so, the court will add another year to the term of your license suspension.

3. Don’t Drive With A Suspended License

If you’re caught driving after your license has been suspended or revoked for drunk driving, the penalties include an extra 1 to 2 year license suspension as well as fines and possible jail time.

4. Getting Your Driving Privileges Reinstated

Once the term of your license suspension period is over, you have to go to the motor vehicle department, apply for your license to be reinstated, and pay the $100 reinstatement fee. Getting your license back isn’t automatic, so until you complete your reinstatement application, pay the applicable fees, and get a new license from the Motor Vehicle Commission, your license will remain technically suspended and you could end up with additional penalties if you’re pulled over and charged with driving with a suspended/revoked license.

5. Learn How To Avoid Future License Suspensions

After your license has been reinstated, you should learn how to avoid getting any future suspensions. In addition to subsequent DUI/DWI charges, your driving privileges can also be suspended if you accumulate 12 or more points on your license from traffic offenses and driving violations such as speeding or running a red light. Your license can also be suspended for failing to pay parking tickets or child support.

Getting The Help You Need To Get Your License Back

I am Anthony N. Palumbo, a New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer at The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo with more than 35 years of experience as a former prosecutor, public defender, and criminal defense attorney. DUI and DWI charges make up a large portion of the cases that I handle on a day to day basis, and I’m often able to reduce the suspension terms that my clients face or have them eliminated all together. To learn how I can help in your case, contact me for a free and confidential consultation through the email form on my website or at 908-272-9700 .