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Possession Of Drugs In A Car

New Jersey Drug Possession In Car Attorney

In New Jersey, it is illegal for anyone operating a motor vehicle to knowingly possess a dangerous controlled substance. If an officer of the law pulls you over and finds that you have drugs in your car, you will face standard charges of drug possession, and additional charges for operating a vehicle with drugs in it. Possessing drugs in a motor vehicle is a serious offense and requires a knowledgeable and experienced yet aggressive defense.

New Jersey Drug Possession Attorney

My name is Anthony N. Palumbo, New Jersey Drug Possession Attorney, and partner at The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo. Whether you have been charged, indicted, or are under investigation, if you need an attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights, contact me today for a free initial consultation at 908-272-9700 .

I have over 35 years of criminal and municipal court trial experience. I have represented thousands of individuals on various drug charges throughout N.J. including Union County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, Essex County and Monmouth County.

Penalties If Convicted For Driving While In Possession Of Drugs:

  • Criminal charges of drug possession
  • 2 year License Revocation; and
  • $50 fee.

Defending Your Charge

When creating the best defense strategy possible for your case, Anthony N. Palumbo, New Jersey Drug Possession Lawyer will carefully discuss all of the essentials of the case with you. A common defense in cases involving possession of drugs in a car is that the officers did not have the right to search the vehicle, and therefore the search violated the driver’s constitutional rights. If it can be shown that your rights were violated prior to the seizure of the drugs, the fact that the police located drugs in your vehicle will not be allowed in court, and will greatly improve your chances of acquittal.

Were you aware that drugs were in your car? Can the state prove that you knew drugs were in your car? Were you operating the car? These and other factors in your case will be considered before determining how to build your defense. I work closely with my clients to discuss their needs and circumstances. My goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Union County Drug Charges Lawyer

Whether your case involves possession of unauthorized prescription drugs, heroin or cocaine, if you have been charged with possessing drugs in a car, contact Anthony N. Palumbo today for a free initial consultation at 908-272-9700 .

As a former prosecutor, current public defender, and criminal defense attorney, I have experience on every side of the law and can represent you in a wide variety of cases throughout New Jersey including Ocean County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Essex County and Union County.

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