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Oxycodone Offenses

One of the most frequently abused prescription drugs on the market is oxycodone, a commonly prescribed pain medication. If you have been charged with a crime involving this drug, do not waste any time seeking the help of a skilled defense lawyer.

I am Anthony N. Palumbo, aggressive New Jersey oxycodone offenses attorney and partner at the law firm of The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo. With more than 35 years of legal experience, I have what it takes to protect your rights and future. From illegal possession to possession with the intent to distribute to prescription drug fraud, I am here to aggressively protect your rights and future. Contact my criminal defense law firm to learn more about how I have helped numerous other clients like you.

Fighting Hard For You At All Times

A strong defense does not only occur in the courtroom. Instead, it tackles everything from the initial investigation through to plea bargains right before trial. As your dedicated attorney, I ensure that I take every step possible to analyze and question the steps taken by law enforcement officials during their investigation and handling of your case. I also use my experience as a former prosecutor to look for loopholes in the prosecution’s case against you. At all times, you can rest assured that my goal will be to eliminate or reduce your charges.

Protecting You Against The Consequences Of a Conviction

Common penalties for oxycodone crimes include jail time, a permanent criminal record, the possible loss of your driver’s license and numerous collateral consequences involving housing, employment and access to government aid. As these penalties can be expensive and long-lasting, I will do my best to protect you at all stages of the criminal process.

Comprehensive Prescription Drugs Representation

In addition to defending individuals against oxycodone charges, I also represent individuals facing prescription drug charges involving:

  • Percocet offenses
  • Hydrocodone offenses
  • Morphine offenses
  • Vicodin offense
  • Hydromorphone offenses

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Regardless of where you live in New Jersey, I am here to provide you with the aggressive defense you need when facing oxycodone penalties. Contact me, defense attorney The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo, today to schedule your free initial consultation..